Saturday, February 22, 2014

fun stuff~

hello peeps!
been a while since i posted. but i've been super busy with just basic life stuff.

so i have been doing tons of crocheting. and it's getting quite expensive. i've been looking for free yarn on the web or good prices for yarn. so a gal contacted me this past week and told me she's getting rid of 2 big boxes of yarn. she was going to just give it to me! score!  granted, she must have had the boxes outside or something. because i had to kinda sort through it. throw away the junk. pick out some hairs and such-blech. but overall, i think it was worth the hassle. here is my score!

another thing i wanted to mention...<listen up quilters> :)
I have not been quilting in a very long time. But I think it's because it's gotten way too expensive buying all that fabric. especially for the backings of quilts. so here's what i decided to do (and have done a lot in the past).  I went last weekend to a local thrift store. it was half off day!  so for only $4.00 I got 3 flat top sheets. prints. very clean. came home. cleaned them. and i will use these in many backings of quilts. tons cheaper than paying $9.00 a yard for backing!  has anyone ever done this?  well it sure saves. check out the prints I got:

so the bottom line is frugal. look for the deals. ask people on craig'slist if they are giving away stash of craft stuff. there is always someone out there willing to help. this is what i've found. so that's that.

how are you doing? what's going on in your world? here in Arizona it's been in the 80's. I think this week it's finally getting down again into the 70's. but it's sure been a warm winter. we only had one freeze. and already warming up. reading for the brutal arizona summer. :/

i hope you are well.  i realized the other day i've been on blogger since 2006 (or thereabouts). sheesh! that's a long time!  i do love it though. although i'm not as active here as i used to be. just a lot going on.



  1. Great score with the yarn Niki! And yes, I know many people who back quilts with vintage sheets. Or just sheets in general. It is a good way to go. Also, use your Joann's coupons for 40% off of a single cut of fabric for a backing too.
    I hope you are doing well. Everyone I know is looking for ways to save these days! Us included!!
    xo Kris

  2. Hi Nlki, Thought I'd share a tip I use when scoring free or thrifted yarn. You can throw it in the wash before you use it. Just put the yarn (skeins or balls) into a man's tube sock and tie the sock off. The sock holds the yarn together and keeps it from unraveling. Set your washer on the gentle cycle, add your detergent and I like to use liquid fabric softener (it makes the yarn really soft and makes it smell good too). Let the yarn air dry for a day or so after washing and then rewind it into balls. Easy peasy. Have a great day, penny